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El Muro Lanquin Pub and Hostel is located in the municipality of Lanquin, Alta Verapaz which is about 270 Kilometers from Guatemala City. Sitting at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level, with a population of 16,500, the town is predominantly of Q’eqchi’ Mayan descendants. El Muro is 11 kilometers away from Semuc Champey. The hostel sits on a slope and all accomodations have a beautiful view of the Lanquin hills where cows graze and over a hundred species of birds visit every morning. Being in town and walking distance to one of the oldest churches in Guatemala, guests have easy access to the Lanquin River, Lanquin Bat Caves, the local market and a few Mayan restaurants and stores around.


How To Get To El Muro Lanquin

During the past several years, Semuc Champey has been named one of the most visited destinations in Guatemala. Tourists have been coming from all over the world to have a taste of paradise.

For guests coming straight from their native country, we advice for them to take the shuttle from the airport to Antigua and spend the night there (or if you have time, spend a couple of nights there as Antigua is really beautiful). From there, we have shuttles that will pick you up from the hostel you are staying and take you straight to our doorstep. Its about 8 hrs drive from Antigua to Lanquin. It will be a private shuttle you will be sharing with some 10 other travellers or so, stopping only for lunch and bathroom breaks.

For guests already traveling within Guatemala, direct shuttles are run by various companies who leave daily from Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Flores, Rio Dulce and Guatemala City. It is best that you contact us for shuttle reservations.



Although the currency used is the Guatemalan Quetzal, we do accept USD and Euros in excellent condition. Being in the jungle, Lanquin has only 1 bank and they are very hesitant to exchange foreign money. There is only one ATM in town, dispersing Quetzals.  It is advisable for guests to visit an ATM at their current location or in Coban City which is the last stop before Lanquin.

At El Muro we do accept Paypal and most major Credit Cards.


Travel Documents

All travelers to Guatemala are required to have their passports valid for at least 6 months. Guests who are citizens of The USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the UK are not required to have visas when visiting for 90 days or less. Guatemalan Immigration can grant 90-day extension.  There is a fee of 1.30 USD per day fine for overstay of any visa.


Safety and Security

Travelers should be aware that basic safety measures and precautions commonly required in their country of origin may not be the same as when in Guatemala. Having said that, tourists seem to be largely shielded from incidents of crime and violence but instead succumb principally to pickpockets and purse-snatchers.

Here in El Muro, we have cameras installed around. Although the area is generally safe for tourists and visitors, normal precaution should be taken. Being the only pub in town, we usually advise guests from other hostels to take a “tuktuk” (local tricycle taxi) when going back to their hostel at night. The locals are nice and peaceful but the other four-legged locals might not be.



Spanish is the national language of Guatemala. English might be well spoken and understood in the Capital City or in Antigua but not in the area of Lanquin. It is advisable to carry a dictionary. The local Mayans in this region speak the Q’eqchi dialect.

In El Muro, we are multi-lingual as we cater to volunteers from Workaway. The management and staff speak Spanish and English, The guides speak the same as well as bits of Hebrew, German and French.


Weather and Climate

Guatemala is often referred to as the Land of Eternal Spring due to its sub-tropical and tropical climate. Guatemala’s humid tropical climate is commonly known to be wonderful for traveling during most of the year round. However, during certain times of the year the weather in Guatemala can be affected by tropical storms, humidity and rain.

Daytime temperatures do not often exceed 85°F (30°C) and nights are often cool. Some of the Guatemala’s most popular tourist destinations are located in the highlands including Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, Coban and of course here in Lanquin Alta Verapaz.


Dress Code

Tourists in Guatemala dress casual.

Here in Lanquin, shorts and tank tops, light trousers, bathing suits are the usual. During the dry season, don’t forget to bring sunscreen as the sun could be intense. When doing the tours you might also want to bring hiking boots for the trails and swim shoes for the pools and water caves.

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